so it begins

You may not think so, but it is time…

This year brought a brand new tree for the front room, replacing the retired best-thrift-deal-ever tree. It is my first pre-holiday, full-price tree. Ever. And it is rather stunning, at least the bits of it that can been seen.

I succeeded in full saturation of content. As I finished hanging the blown glass ornaments, and again when hanging the pulled glass icicles, I had to move previously hung pieces to make space…

This saturation point brings me joy. My goal in dressing trees is filling them so filled so that they read as one whole thing, instead of a bunch of individual ornaments hanging on a big tree. It is a glimmering thing meant to be examined and explored.

I also enjoy collecting the ridiculousness that is the modern age of blown glass ornaments. I am regularly stunned at the things I can find formed into a glittery molded glass form: Dalek, K-9, T.A.R.D.I.S., a counter-top mixer, a bbq grill, a craft beer bottle, nearly every vehicle imaginble. Each year for the past five, I have come across a glittered piece of glass avocado toast, although I haven’t seen one that I like enough to bring home.

So many different things. This year has expanded the selection of clip candles and Kurt Adler glass icicles. Last year brought multiple styles of clip birds, and yard after yard of hand-beaded garlands.

One thought on “so it begins

  1. Your trees are so beautiful! Hard not to feel intimidated when looking at my own “Charlie Brown Christmas,” tree, LOL.

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