hobbit house hot cocoa

If anything, this is a hobby and/or lifestyle blog. Although it sometimes includes recipes, I don’t consider it a cooking or food blog. That said, I offer this promise to all of you: you will not have to read through any horrifically long, drawn-out event or memory of my life before you find our recipes. One paragraph, one photo, then recipe.

Promise. (Crap, this is a second paragraph, isn’t it?)

Hobbit House Hot Cocoa:

Equal parts: baking cocoa (we prefer as dark as possible), powdered sugar, powdered milk. Mix with fork and storage in air-tight container.

To make cocoa: Add equal parts heavy cream and your preferred nut milk (we use macadamia) and a couple splashes of vanilla extract. Add a couple heaping spoonfuls of cocoa mixture and whisk into liquid. Repeat this step until you achieve your desired richness. We typically add enough to achieve a ridiculously thick beverage.

I break a double segment of Trader Joe’s The Dark Chocolate Lover’s Chocolate Bar (pictured above) into my mug with a heap of miniature marshmallows before ladling the cocoa into it.

This produces a thick, luscious, decadent beverage for cold winter weekends.

If you prefer a scorched milk/roasted nut taste, omit the powdered milk from your mix. This can also be emphasized by using almond milk instead of macadamia.

I realize that this isn’t much of a recipe, but this is mostly how my husband and I find our way to our favorite meals and snacks. Enjoy!

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