thrifty festivities

I must say: I’ve been having a great go at thifting blown glass ornaments this year.

today’s finds: that santa and that ornate drop are both pushing eight inches. the snowman is odd and quirky, and seven red clip birds will add to my growing collection

I’ve picked up some great random ornaments: a TV, popcorn, beer set; a pink dragon start the list.

old world santa, santa on a scooter, santa on a sailboat, and a(nother) church that looks remarkably like our house.

I use the blown glass ornaments to define break-away themes for trees through the house, whether by color or subject. Current plans this year are just ST:TCT and the big tree in the front room. That means the big tree will be absolutely dripping with holiday bling.

a christopher radko snowman, a teddy bear, and a santa express cames home over the past few weeks

Thirfting and post-holiday sales help me dress excessive trees on a smaller budget. Plus, I’m helping to reduce waste by giving these gorgeous things a new life in a new home.

the newest glass tree-topper added to my collection

Also, point blank: Christmas decorations make me feel better. This is a good year for embracing such things. Some thrift stores put out ornaments year round as well, which let’s trimming the tree feel like Christmas day as I unwrap who knows how many new-to-me ornaments I barely recall…

as a bonus: I’d like to point out the creepy two-faced santas on the bead garland that came with the ginormous santa ornament…

4 thoughts on “thrifty festivities

  1. It’s Janus Claus! One sides “sees you when you’re sleeping,” the other “knows when you’re awake.”

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