the last fair day

Tonight is expected to hit freezing. So today, I pulled the rest of the non-hardy crops: tomatoes, hot peppers. And basil.

I made my first pesto. We had no pine nuts in our pantry. Fortunately, pesto has become more of a framework formula than specific recipe: herb + oil + garlic + nut + sharp cheese. Add whichever herb, nut, and cheese you have, and I bet you’ll find a recipe. (I tend to stick to food network, the spruce, or allrecipes.)

I made pistachio pesto. I’m calling it mosaic pesto, since I used four types of basil, two purple and two green.

mosaic pesto

This is a garlic heavy home, so the raw garlic scent is strong. I pan-fried eggplant from the garden and finished it with the pesto on the heat to roast the garlic a bit.

eggplant with mosaic pesto

It is quite tasty!

My husband is cooking some chickpea pasta currently for a more substantial dish.

Plans for next year? Perhaps freezing a medley of different pestos from the garden herbs. Maybe even one using the hot, hot walking onions instead of garlic. Also, we might have garden-fresh garlic next year…

One thought on “the last fair day

  1. Wow, that all looks and sounds amazing. I haven’t been able to plant anything for several years and miss it. Thanks for sharing!

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