day 32: digging out of the clutter

Not much in the garden today, just watered the beds and mowed the yard.

Then I turned to the “garage”. We ordered a new refrigerator, to arrive mid-May. the current one works, but random leaks are damaging our kitchen floor. We’re planning to move it to the basement near the walkout at the driveway, which is also near a floor drain. Who can’t use a drink fridge near the firepit?

by the walk-out, organizing garden and auto stuff, hanging our ryobi multi-tool parts

To move the current refrigerator to the basement, we’ll need to remove the doors, take it out the front entrance and down the drive to the walk-out. And this requires the heap of mess just inside the walk-out to long longer be there. Today was a big step toward that goal.

Organizing the corner expands on the racks previously hung for the gardening hand tools.

Modern organization/storage is the biggest challenge of living in this old wabi-sabi cottage. Slowly, we improve our spaces here, without stripping away the charm that drew us here.

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