We might be seeing the start of our best tomato crop yet. Many large fruit varieties are doing well in the original bed. The from-seed starts are behind but are budding prolifically. The plant above (and below) is a volunteer. At this point I would say it was a red beefsteak, and it already has […]

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this week in the gardens

The daylilies are pushing their dazzling display. While the basic orange “ditch lily” has mostly bloomed out, the special varieties are just hitting their peak. Also, the crazy orange triple bloom just made its first appearance yesterday. The spring radishes and baby bok choy totally got away from me this spring and have gone to […]

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returning to queue

Our street has been ripped up for over a month while the gas company runs a new line and connections. Such luck that the main line runs under the sidewalk on our side of the street. (Yay!) Last week, the storms passed long enough for the cement contractor to pour the sidewalks along our double […]

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little visitor

I sowed three different parsley patches this year, mostly for swallowtail caterpillars. I mean, we¬†might use parsley once or twice through the summer, and the roots are pretty tasty in the fall… but the patches are for them. So, today I find this guy munching away in our garden. On my freakin’ dill. LOL Okay, […]

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