rainy day x seven

Today is our seventh day of rain. We are expected three more. There isn’t a whole lot happening regarding working in the garden, but the garden itself is loving it. This year is the most springiest spring I have witnessed in Kansas City. The garden is also loving that.

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the obsession grows

So begins the next evolution of our garden: indoor starter space. I am following the “Don’t let perfect get in the way of better” approach. For now it is a small steel table against the south wall of the basement, but it is a few steps up from taking half of our in-high-demand counter space […]

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nitpicky and curiosity

Today, while making room in the basement for garden furniture, I found the rest of my light stakes, so I tidied up the C-9 bulbs outlining the beds in front of the fence. I feel much better. *whew* Christmas is saved!!! Also, some funky stuff is going on between the new LED walkway lights and […]

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fall beds no. 1 & 2

Both beds are now sown for fall harvests, both covered with screen netting, since the first attempt was stripped bare. Contents below… Bed No. 1: Bed No. 2: Apologies for the janky panning in the first video…

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dinner from the garden

Tonight, I pulled some carrots to check their growth. They are coming along nicely. I also pulled a clump of our Oriole Orange Swiss Chard. We have some gorgeous vegetables this year. The carrots and chard are both in the success column. They made a delicious dinner, sauteed in bacon fat with shallots, garlic, and […]

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buzz and hum

Some guests in the garden this evening: We hadn’t seen our hummingbird at the feeder for a few days. Tonight, I figured out why…

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mutant daylily?

I think we have our own crossbred hybrid daylily in the garden. Our daylilies are a mix of various short squat hybrids and the typical tall slender orange ‘ditch lily’. Most of our hybrids are deep burgundy, with a few yellow or peach mixed in. Prior to this morning, none of our hybrids were orange… […]

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today in the garden

keeping the garden effort simple and small after work, saving the bigger stuff for the weekend. I never mulched the daylilies after their relocation. Today, I started the effort to weed, mulch and define. And took photos of things in bloom:

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