now blooming:

The iris are on their last bloom, the columbine are going to seed. The surprise lilies’ greens are fading and the daylilies are setting buds. But, the coreopsis… holy cow, the coreopsis is full-bore showy. And the Asiatic lilies are starting their show. Enjoy!

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impending explosion

It only takes one, and here it is: Soon, the sideyard will be overflowing with coreopsis blooms. The first wave is typically massive. I mean, look at all those little buttons of yellow… Our peonies are still working to open: And our tiny, little dianthus have blown open:

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day 31: plowing forward

The long-range forecast suggests the freezing weather has past us, so into the ground things goes… Yesterday, I ventured out to a local nursery whose website listed the actions they were taking to keep customers and themselves safe. While some customers wandered obliviously about, the employees were aware and cautious and monitoring headcount in the […]

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day 19: a light easy day

I kept today light due to the heat. In the morning, I watered everything new, mulched the root bed, and I deadheaded the two native wildflower bed. This evening, I mulched the newer peony bed, and trimmed back some euonymus. I also sat back and enjoyed it all a bit…

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