fall beds no. 1 & 2

Both beds are now sown for fall harvests, both covered with screen netting, since the first attempt was stripped bare. Contents below… Bed No. 1: Bed No. 2: Apologies for the janky panning in the first video…

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dinner from the garden

Tonight, I pulled some carrots to check their growth. They are coming along nicely. I also pulled a clump of our Oriole Orange Swiss Chard. We have some gorgeous vegetables this year. The carrots and chard are both in the success column. They made a delicious dinner, sauteed in bacon fat with shallots, garlic, and […]

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buzz and hum

Some guests in the garden this evening: We hadn’t seen our hummingbird at the feeder for a few days. Tonight, I figured out why…

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mutant daylily?

I think we have our own crossbred hybrid daylily in the garden. Our daylilies are a mix of various short squat hybrids and the typical tall slender orange ‘ditch lily’. Most of our hybrids are deep burgundy, with a few yellow or peach mixed in. Prior to this morning, none of our hybrids were orange… […]

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today in the garden

keeping the garden effort simple and small after work, saving the bigger stuff for the weekend. I never mulched the daylilies after their relocation. Today, I started the effort to weed, mulch and define. And took photos of things in bloom:

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now blooming:

The iris are on their last bloom, the columbine are going to seed. The surprise lilies’ greens are fading and the daylilies are setting buds. But, the coreopsis… holy cow, the coreopsis is full-bore showy. And the Asiatic lilies are starting their show. Enjoy!

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impending explosion

It only takes one, and here it is: Soon, the sideyard will be overflowing with coreopsis blooms. The first wave is typically massive. I mean, look at all those little buttons of yellow… Our peonies are still working to open: And our tiny, little dianthus have blown open:

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