the dining room starter set

The mantle madness started with an inherited grouping from my husband’s Aunt Vertie. Livertie was an avid Christmas collector. She and I share that trait, though we never met. After she passed, her daughter (my husband’s cousin) Kimberly Sue gathered up Vertie’s Christmas figures and brought them to a family gathering. Knowing my obsession with […]

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in for a pound…

No more putzing. No more restlessness. No more waiting for 2020 to pass farther by… I’m not quite ready to put up trees; still some big things to shuffle for the season. So I started with the mantle. This is the second year for our expanded collection of Dept 56 All Through the House series […]

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and the weird little snowman…

So, this odd little snowman was display signage for the Dept. 56 series All Through the House, I had seen it on ebay (with the acrylic sign) exactly once during my searches to complete the series. I wasn’t compelled to include in it the set. I suspect it wasn’t exactly part of the series; it […]

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tess steps out

This is Tess: Tess is hard to find. Last year, a very damaged Tess came along with a large lot purchase of All Through the House pieces. At some point in her life, Tess had a considerable tumble, breaking both ankles, removing chunks of the molded resin. I tucked her behind the christmas tree to […]

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all through the house

Two years ago, we inherited some Christmas figurines from my husband’s Aunt Vertie. Apparently, she loved Christmas decorations (I had never met her). I love holiday decor as well. When we were presented the opportunity to select some figures for ourselves, we focused on a rather large scale holiday dinner scene. I was captivated by […]

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