christmas in july

*squeeeeeeeee* Hallmark’s Keepsake Ornament Premiere is today. I was at the Crown Store as the doors opened. The Star Trek collection gets its first storyteller ornaments. I knew of storytellers but barely understand them as we only have the Star Trek ornaments. First, the storyteller ornaments run on a power cord instead of batteries (which […]

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entryway bling

the entryway project got push back another year, but that’s no reason to leave it bland for the holidays. I found this smart little LED birch at Costco a few years ago, and it is regularly handy to dress up tight spaces. the puffy little wall decals are good fun. I’ve been sitting on them, […]

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that one tree

I am a Christmas tree junkie. I have put up eight trees in one house before. I’m making no promises that it won’t happen again in the future. (Sorry, Boo!) From my years as a florist, I hold onto a sense of lavishness in such things. From a combination of cost per investment, fire safety, […]

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My husband is a Trekkie, the rarer sort that embraces every series of the franchise. He has also struggles with enjoying the holiday season. Between his parents divorce and significantly older siblings during his childhood and a series of wintertime deaths in his adulthood, he hasn’t been sold the same bill of goods I have. […]

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all through the house

Two years ago, we inherited some Christmas figurines from my husband’s Aunt Vertie. Apparently, she loved Christmas decorations (I had never met her). I love holiday decor as well. When we were presented the opportunity to select some figures for ourselves, we focused on a rather large scale holiday dinner scene. I was captivated by […]

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make the yuletide gay

Kansas City got its first winter storm early this year, at least, early for my time spent here. The Sunday following Thanksgiving, our wabi-sabi cottage and gardens were covered with four to five inches of snow. Hoping to stay ahead of the storm, I got the house ready for the Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. […]

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