the final invasion

The temperature climbed just enough. The snow is packable again! The frozen cephalopod broke through the surface of the crisp peaceful snow, laying siege to the ship on the surface, but the snow-crew was not caught unprepared. They learned from their mates’ demises in the previous attack those two years back. The harpoons were kept […]

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return of the snow squid-ish

Yesterday, we got four to five inches of perfect, fluffy, wet, packing snow. I clear our walks and drive, specifically piling all the removed snow onto our retaining wall. I packed a good part of it down as I went and took some time to crave out some basic shapes. Unfortunately, today is colder and […]

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let it – finally – snow

*whew* We almost made it through the entire holiday lighting season without a single day of snow. And what fun would that be? This year I added LED C-9s on ground stakes bordering some of the flower beds. This morning’s snow was enough to completely cover the faceted bulb caps, which is a neat effect. […]

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xmas, xmas, burning bright

It is Christmas Day, and we are burning down every battery-operated LED in the place… Also, my husband and I aren’t much about big piles of gifts on Christmas, as just typically buy what we want or need when we first have the opportunity to do so. That said, we realized early on exactly how […]

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the lost joke of subtlety

Running gags can be absolutely hilarious. Until, of course, they have to be explained. So, maybe, just maybe, our running joke is too subtle. We are at a disadvantage with having no houseguests this holiday season, and we have only had a few occasions to post extra photos of ST:TCT. So, here is the gag […]

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the big, big tree topper

The topper for The Big, Big Tree is my all time favorite holiday thing found on deep post-holiday clearance. I don’t remember exactly when I found it, but it was at least fifteen years or so. I found it at a K-mart, ninety percent off on the last tiny little table of Christmas decorations. I […]

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my giving tree

The distraction of the Great Bead Garland Caper of 2020 helped. Having an on-going adventure of tedium kept my creative brain engaged and occupied, allowing me to disengage from the preoccupation of a holiday season with no guests. The third and final set of garland strands has a color set of pink, hot pink, red, […]

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light it up: final chapter?

Today got into the upper sixties, so I picked up a couple more multi-outlet plugs to complete our outdoor display. I wasn’t happy with how the garden lighting looked separate from the house, I think, stemming from the natural cedar tone of the fence. I also split outlets to finally let me light the forsythia […]

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pre-post-holiday newbies

For a few years, I’ve seen a trend of early holiday clearance sales. Ages ago, I used to stock up for next Christmas in January at seventy-five percent off. Now, it’s fifty percent in mid-December. I’m good with it. Tonight, getting hardware for the last round of bead garland, I might have acquired a few […]

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