back to the garden…

Another week off from work: this time the summer heat has broken, meaning it’s easier to spend more time on garden projects. I spent yesterday morning working on the last gate of the fence project. The cooler weather this week should help me check this item off the list. The bottom of our drive will […]

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her majesty has arrived

The butterflies keep rolling in. I’ve seen numerous sorts already, but I always feel a more successful gardeners when the Monarchs arrive. At least a few have been flitting about for a week or two. The autumn clematis is beginning to open. The honey bees are all over it. Monarchs come to partake of the […]

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portulaca! portulaca! portulaca!

The portulaca border is (mostly) stunning. On to the mostly bit: where the gate path drops a half step, the portulaca is decidedly not thriving. The stunted plants look healthy other than their relative size. There is no indication of overwatering, even less considering the slope continues downward past the path end. The division line […]

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today in the garden

Even in the heat, I got a small amount of work done this past weekend. The basil plants have spent months in their little plastic grow pots. They are leggy and sad, but I got most of them planted on Sunday. Hopefully, they will recover and produce for the rest of summer. The delay was […]

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