now blooming:

The iris are on their last bloom, the columbine are going to seed. The surprise lilies’ greens are fading and the daylilies are setting buds. But, the coreopsis… holy cow, the coreopsis is full-bore showy. And the Asiatic lilies are starting their show. Enjoy!

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day 44: the last day

I return to work tomorrow. The past six weeks in the garden have been great for my inner being. The garden has a great boost over past years: some seeds are still sprouting in their grow pots, many are sprouting in place, garlic and radishes are taking off, herbs are going in or have bounced […]

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day 42: so close to busting out

So many things are ready to explode in our garden. Some things are underway… The columbine is full bore, second or third generation. So many buds are setting to burst, I suspect they are waiting for me to return to work before they show off… The hostas are digging the north side shade, having already […]

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