the great flower migration

Now that the garden’s fence is built, I need to develop flower beds in front of the fenceline. When we first bought our wabi-sabi cottage, we brought flowers with us from the old house. We also received a generous offer from my father-in-law to transplant any flowers we dug up from his farm. That brought […]

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portulaca! portulaca! portulaca!

The portulaca border is (mostly) stunning. On to the mostly bit: where the gate path drops a half step, the portulaca is decidedly not thriving. The stunted plants look healthy other than their relative size. There is no indication of overwatering, even less considering the slope continues downward past the path end. The division line […]

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today in the garden

Even in the heat, I got a small amount of work done this past weekend. The basil plants have spent months in their little plastic grow pots. They are leggy and sad, but I got most of them planted on Sunday. Hopefully, they will recover and produce for the rest of summer. The delay was […]

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lawn care in high heat

This evening was overcast and in the mid-80s for the first time all week. And the only time, with a heat advisory through the weekend. So, I gassed up the Toro and cut the yard. It needed it. For all the drive I have to diminish the lawn and replace it food and flowers, cutting […]

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today’s haul + flowers

After a heavy rain, I harvested the botched garlic crop (planted late) and hope to dry them some and replate this fall. What we got right this year are beets and carrots. some are still growing to size, but they are gorgeous! Additionally, the randomly scattered dill seeds (plus some volunteers from last year) were […]

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orange you glad to see me?

Some overlying goals of my garden plans are a broad range of blooming times and a color pallette that rolls through the spectrum as flowers come and go. Currently, the featured color is orange, which is heavy through most of peak summer. The gorgeous triple daylilies are about to finish: As the daylilies finish, the […]

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