everything but the gates…

I took advantage of a late Saturday afternoon to finish out the panels on the garden fence. The short panels were decidedly more complicated to fit, since both dimensions had to be cut down from the original 4×8 sheet. The slope down from the driveway has been a challenge throughout the project. Originally, I thought […]

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weekend no. 3:

My job has ramped into overtime to resolve the order fulfillment issues created by the shutdown. Therefore, the third weekend working on the fence is really just Sunday, and only Sunday late afternoon because: damned hot… I finished routing the rail boards, and installed all but those for the gates that aren’t yet hung, including […]

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from yawning to AAWWW-ning

The previous life, death, and rebirth of a tattered old awning: Below is the house as we bought it three and a half years ago. The sad, beige, paint-splattered aluminum awning did it’s job well, but otherwise sat there with no joy. Some of the hardware was removed to drop it out of the way […]

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