entryway bling

the entryway project got push back another year, but that’s no reason to leave it bland for the holidays. I found this smart little LED birch at Costco a few years ago, and it is regularly handy to dress up tight spaces. the puffy little wall decals are good fun. I’ve been sitting on them, […]

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happy anniversary

Life is full, and hectic. and full of projects to make the new home photogenic, including Dressing Room 2.0… December 29 was the first anniversary for me and my Boo. I wanted to get him a small something for the wardrobe he has been gracious enough to allow me to expand for him. I knew […]

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hatter and hare 2014!

Best Tea Party candidates. Ever! This was the first time in my life I have ever repeated a Halloween costume two years in a row, but adding the hatter and changing to a more formal outfit makes a difference. First a private party, with a portable tea party, and then the big gay bar for […]

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runway homo

October 3rd opened up Kansas City Fashion Week. For the second time this fall, I walked for the stunning and talented Andrea Minnette Bledsoe, designer and proprietress of Recrudescence Studio. Andrea has broken new ground, electroplating organic material and adding it to her language of found vintage material. She has also started her journey into […]

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easter finery

Easter was my only day off this past weekend, but it provided a great time. Sadly, I lost a few gay points by only managing two outfits; one shy of the mandatory three per day quota… The day journeyed through fabulous and massive Easter bonnets, festive cocktails, an egg toss for charity (and free cocktails!), […]

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the making of a crazy bunny

Last night, I was crazy as a bunny in April. Er, um, I mean, mad as a hare in March. I had an invitation to a tea party, from one hatter of questionable sanity. As soon as I opened the invitation, I got as mad as a March Hare. Or something of the sort… Of […]

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looking back: fancy dress party

Oh, how I love the occasion for fancy dress! I have spent a noticeable amount of the last three years making reasons to dress-up. Some time back, I met this most delicious creature, on a handful of occasions. We were kindred, and we knew so in that first moment. Her name was Amy; she was […]

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