it’s a sockness

Obsession, amusement, sickness. Let’s go with sockness. This has been creeping up on me for over three years now, the last two with a partner that full embraces and enables my obsession. (Almost a foot shorter than me, the only clothes we can share are neckties and socks…)

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new year, new home

I am becoming a home owner. An honest, for-real home owner. Shortly, our surroundings will improve, work will start on an amazing dressing room and a huge walk-in closet. And backdrops aplenty will provide opportunities to once more produce content for dapperkink. Until then, here are some snapshots of ensembles I’ve been tucking away. A […]

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hatter and hare 2014!

Best Tea Party candidates. Ever! This was the first time in my life I have ever repeated a Halloween costume two years in a row, but adding the hatter and changing to a more formal outfit makes a difference. First a private party, with a portable tea party, and then the big gay bar for […]

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eldredge revisited

I give to you a photo I forgot to post awhile back; a more successful capture of the Eldredge knot: I do enjoy this knot, even considering the limitations of its usage. Or perhaps due to such limitations. I do enjoy rules applied to my journey through life… Journey on, my lovelies!

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easter finery

Easter was my only day off this past weekend, but it provided a great time. Sadly, I lost a few gay points by only managing two outfits; one shy of the mandatory three per day quota… The day journeyed through fabulous and massive Easter bonnets, festive cocktails, an egg toss for charity (and free cocktails!), […]

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the week in review

Winter brings layers and layers mix up all sorts of textures. I have been having some fun. Allow me to share: I have found myself looking for a reason to strap on a tie. It’s a good space for me; I’m glad I found it. Journey on, my lovelies!

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