today, in the garden

A peak at the garden today:

It is the opening weekend of Lilyfest 2022!

lilium “tiny ghost”
lilium “tiny nugget
lilium “tiny double you”
lilium “I’m not sure until they open”
lilium “tiny bee” foreground to center right, lilium “2-pack from costco that I forget” center left
lilium “tiny avalanche”

There is a delightful array of late spring/early summer perennials popping colors about:

goldmound spirea and coreopsis in the foreground, coreopsis and stella d’oro daylilies in the background
salvia “lyrical rose” and “lyrical blues”
salvia “lyrical blues”
spirea “goldmound”
yellow coneflower
butterfly weed “asclepias tuberosa”
marsh milkweed “asclepias incarnata”
shasta daisy “alaska”
false sunflower (heliopsis helianthoides)
walking onion
white yarrow

Last fall’s pansies are nearly recovered from winter:

The perennial herbs are lush and thriving. Some annual herbs have recently joined them:

front to back, l to r: sweet majoram, tricolor sage, sage, english thyme, sage italian oregano
mexican terragon and coreopsis volunteers
mexican tarragon, peppermint

And, finally, our spiderwort has been moving freely about the garden for years. Lately, the flower colors have been diversifying as it does so. (The same has been happening with our columbines, although they are already bloomed for the season.)

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