strutting like a peacock

The final tree is up. Number four in this year’s set: the peacock tree.

The teal tree started its life with us two years ago as the first incarnation of what has become the unicorn tree. It sat out last year, the pandemic preempting any plans for a holiday open house, but knowing it would replace the worn-out tree that held the peacock debut.

This tree has iridescent needles mixed in that provide a great spark from the lights. The teal color is amazing against the deep ocean green of our bedroom.

Repurposed decor combines with thrift store and clearance sale ornaments to support the color palette of the peacock theme.

In a sense, this is our weirdest tree. It is the throwback to my floral designer days, with floral sprays, beaded tassels and wide wired ribbon festooned about.

I love it as much as the rest, my weird little matchy-matchy holiday child. The colors are soothing, the textures rich, and the theme amuses.

A solid trifecta!

The gold ivy leaves are metal wall art woven into the branches. And the beaded garland is deconstructed drapery tiebacks.

The spiral beaded drops are Pier 1 napkin rings from the old clearance store. After storing them for a decade, inspiration arrived and I elongated them into icicle ornaments.

Peacock and pheasant tail feathers finish out the non-traditional element of this fun little tree.

One thought on “strutting like a peacock

  1. These photos! They’re so stunning. The rich, vibrant colors and textures are like a feast for the eyes. To a color blind guy like me, your eye for color is truly astounding. I’m beyond impressed. It’s gorgeous.

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