ST:TCT 2021

Star Trek: The Christmas Tree graces our home for another year, adding to its grandeur ornaments from ST:PIC, the storyteller collection, ST:SFS and a bonus addition.

Clearly, we already have a tribble problem and it isn’t even December yet… We have both official Hallmark releases plus a batch of faux fur poms from Michael’s last year.

The Mirror, Mirror storytellers added Spock and Chekov this year.

The biggest surprise for the year: I found nine of the ten ornaments produced for Star Trek: The Experience while it was open in Las Vegas. I found a remarkable deal on a lot of eight and then found the Gorn individually.  Only the Mugato remains from this set.

The 2006 Enterprise NCC-1701 continues its orbit around the tree, mesmerizing in its movement.

Every show that has been released is represented, although the two newest animated series have not yet been included.

I find myself hoping that Hallmark might break the established trend of three to four ornaments per year, like some other franchises. I would love to see all four ensigns from ST:LOW as part of the collection. As well, I feel like Dax, Kira, and Odo from ST:DS9 deserve a place.

For that matter, part of me longs to see Commander Taggart and the crew of the NSEA Protector, so…

As a bonus, here is what we hear every time we turn on ST:TCT:

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