ST:TCT addendum

I found something. Rather, I found some things. Nine out of ten things.

They will fit in nicely:

I first learned about the ornaments from Star Trek: The Experience from this blog post, which is the same blog I followed to track down the earlier Keepsake ornaments when I first started ST:TCT.

The Gorn was found separately and showed up after the above video was recorded. He is glorious!

With a few obvious exceptions, these ornaments feature characters and races mostly omitted from or only briefly glimpsed in the Keepsake line.

They will add their biological and technological distinctiveness to the collective collection.

There is a fair balance of ST:TOS, ST:TNG, ST:DS9, and ST:VOY, newer shows were developed after Star Trek: The Experience closed in 2008.

Perhaps surprisingly, there is no Kirk, but he appears so often in the Keepsakes that it won’t matter.

This was an exciting find, these ornaments will add color and texture and character range to ST:TCT.

I am looking forward to it.

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