additional spice of life

My collecting grows in spurts. I like to browse online and regularly check thrift stores, but there are inevitably moments where availability of things I collect simply opens the floodgates, and maybe I over-indulge my obsessions.


Recently, I decided I wanted to expand our CorningWare Spice of Life collection into the milkglass Gemco pieces. I don’t know if the availability of such things has always been there, or if I just expanded my perception and browser search.

The lazy susan server just arrived today. What a great find. I have seen the dishes on their own (a few back-ups are on the way) not knowing at the time what they were a part of. This complete set is such an amazing find, I didn’t add it to my watchlist to think about it for a week, I brought it directly. It is the rule of thrift shopping: if you find something you want, buy it. It won’t be there next time.

When it comes to pieces I have never seen in series I have collected for years, I take that as a measurement of rarity. Those items get different considerations.

The silliest thing about this lazy susan: I am already daydreaming about the random future – after our as-yet-unscheduled kitchen remodel – after the passing of the global pandemic, when my husband and I won’t hyperventilate about inviting people into our home… I see that long stretch of countertop set for a taco buffet, or bratwurst toppings and condiments, all laid out in Spice of Life pieces.

Find your joys.

I had never seen the pepper grinder or the vague, undefined La Dispensateur before these. I am unlikely to use the grinder due to the plastic grinder parts, but I am happy to have it in the ranks, and the large dispenser will be the new home for my husband’s ground habanero powder.

Then there is drink service, Gemco milkglass and CorningWare pyrex.

The sugar bowl and creamer are are surprisingly large. The tea pot is adorable.

The coffee pot, oh, the coffee pot! Of course, it’s a percolator. Any future, post-pandemic, visiting coffee-drinkers, this is your fate. Celebrated or alarmed…

Moving on: I am not sure that the glass canisters are actually Spice of Life, as the stenciled artwork is different than that on the CorningWare, but it does match the Spice of Life glassware by Libby, so who can say. They are big and gorgeous and useful. This set came without original rubber seals, which should be expected, but standard sized silicone replacements are plentiful online.

The cylinder canisters with the stenciled plastic lids were produced in numerous sizes. (There are more of those in transit at the moment.)

Welcome to the spice of our life:

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