a say something cake day

Today, I came home from work to this:

My husband and I have been seeking out gluten free mixes for various baked goodies. The first successful cake was here. It was a King Arthur gluten free chocolate cake mix, and it was delicious. So was the scratch-made cream cheese icing.

This one is Pillbury’s gluten free funfetti cake mix. A very similar cream cheese icing, but with some strawberry preserves and nonpareils because: fancy! This one is also moist and has a great crumb.

We are two for two, and it feels good. The chocolate chip cookie search was substantially longer…

Also: green Wexford cake stand!

One thought on “a say something cake day

  1. So glad you’re finding some good gf foods! It is hard to create good food without flour. I tried with bread and the results were pretty bad.

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