spring done sprung

Spring has arrived, and early spring colors are filling our wabi-sabi garden. Enjoy the colors below:

it should surprise no one that there are pansies down in our garden
new and transplanted daffodils brightening up the yard
our dwarf iris, later this year than ever, likely due to the late below zero weather
pansies and violas, surviving and thriving throughout the winter
forsythia in bloom at the front door
muscari, or grape hyacinth, poke up through a weave of green onion, drumstick allium, and wild strawberry
daffodils left behind during last fall’s flower migration
walking onions taking over the incline, they will plan into companion planting goals later this year
more pansies and violas
rows of daffodils have burst forth from one bought package and divided clusters discovered after we moved in
more dwarf iris flanking hens and chicks
a white hyacinth, giving its best show since a poorly planted location a few years ago
one of the random all yellow daffodils found in the yard after we moved in
this afternoon’s garden visitor, the earliest ladybug seen yet, hoping this bodes well for this year’s pest control

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