the final invasion

The temperature climbed just enough. The snow is packable again!

The frozen cephalopod broke through the surface of the crisp peaceful snow, laying siege to the ship on the surface, but the snow-crew was not caught unprepared. They learned from their mates’ demises in the previous attack those two years back. The harpoons were kept at the ready. The alarm sounded, the snow-crew took their positions at the rail.

The harpoons fire in quick succession, biting into their target but having little effect on the great spineless creature. The wounds did little but enrage the beast. Already to snow-crew members have been pulled from the shipdeck.

Frantic, the snow-crew scramble to stab the snowy tentacles, even as they begin crushing the timbers of their ship.

Will they overcome the massive foe? Or will they be dragged beneath the frozen surface? Will they break free before the blazing sun of their world returns to decimate the world that they know?

One thought on “the final invasion

  1. I love your sense of whimsy! This reminds me of Calvin’s Horror Museum snowmen in Calvin & Hobbes.
    I want to know where the door in the aft of the boat goes, LOL. Those poor doomed snowmen!

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