return of the snow squid-ish

Yesterday, we got four to five inches of perfect, fluffy, wet, packing snow. I clear our walks and drive, specifically piling all the removed snow onto our retaining wall. I packed a good part of it down as I went and took some time to crave out some basic shapes.

Unfortunately, today is colder and the wetness of the snow has frozen and it won’t pack at all. I could only carve what I had packed down last night, but it was a good start.

Compared to two years ago, I decided to add a boat and built a more complex battle. But I only added one snowman last night, so the boat currently tosses about, its only crew-snowman already pulled overboard.

Really, it all comes from Calvin and Hobbes, I mean, should all snow-sculpting involve some catastrophic event?

I think I would benefit from non-frozen accessories. I see some stick masts, chopstick harpoons and twine rope stretching from the ship to the monster’s wound. My husband is winning me over to the idea of coloring it with spray bottles of colored water. At least blood red, right? That would appease my inner Calvin for certain.

A part of me is wondering about unsweetened Kool-Aid packets brushed onto the packed snow… Of course, I have regular food coloring here at home, and I don’t plan on going anywhere for a couple more days.

Even if the temperatures don’t cooperate over today and tomorrow to make packing snow again, I am pretty happy with what got made at this point.

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