the gbgc ’20, round 1.2

I am nearly out of segments comprised of smaller glass/crystal beads that are needed at the scallop peaks to let the strands meet up well at the hooks.

I’ve nearly completed three tiers of double-stranded garland. At this point, the longterm goal is two more rounds of the same. I would ultimately like to see this tree covered with jewels!

I lean toward excessive extravagance in how I dress trees normally, but I want to see The Big Big Tree be the flagship of them all, literally dripping with Christmas.

I always enjoy seeing my craft come into the world. The moments when they match what I held in my head at the start are always great moments.

But this project? This is already moreso than I imagined it would be. I expected some problem-solving around the fashion beads getting worked in with the mercury glass, but there is no need.

The lights bounce off the mercury glass creating reflections of sparks, and it passes through the fashion beads illuminating and refracting through them.

I planned the garland knowing all this, but the actual product is such much of it to a higher level than my expectation.

I really like that I can pass the garland directly over top of ornaments and not have those ornaments visually obliterated. The strands should also help fill any lingering gaps where there are no pine sprigs to hang an ornament.

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