the gbgc ’20, round 1

Since I’m not likely to run out for more eye pins on Black Friday, I’ve moved on to assembly.

Knowing that future rounds of making new segments will involve different color sets, I’m leaving space between this round of garland, so the final results will have a consistent color variation throughout the tree.

I decided to incorporate the hanging hooks into the garland so the double strands would read as a single thing.

I really enjoy the play between the glass/crystal beads and the mercury glass. I’m also quite fond of the impact the reclaimed “leaf” beads have on the overall look of the garland.

So far, maintaining a controlled randomness is producing great results. I occasionally get two identical segments in close proximity in both strands of a section, but I’ve yet to be put off enough to alter the pattern…

One thought on “the gbgc ’20, round 1

  1. You’re having entirely too much fun during the quarantine. I’m going to report you to the authorities if you don’t start acting miserable! LOL.

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