the great beaded garland caper of 2020

I am anticipating the need for a holiday season distraction to help keep me distracted as we get closer to a holiday open house that won’t be happening…

So, I’m moving forward with a holiday project that has been on the back burner for years

I removed and destrung the glass bead garlands from the big big tree (seen above) and sorted them out with other destrung vintage bead garlands, glass and crystal and gemstone beads from my jewelrymaking days, and reused beads recovered from thrifted lampshades and napkin rings.

I’ve been wiring various segments, building my “part inventory” before I begin assembly.

This is the detail work that I love engaging in. This is a finer part of my goal to treat our home as my current art medium.

Basically, I’m treating the garland as a big fancy necklace.

Once I build enough parts, I begin constructing the garland, making a randomizing color pattern.

This may well be something that is built up over years, but I’m pretty excited to get it under way.

2 thoughts on “the great beaded garland caper of 2020

  1. Right now, I’m using up materials on-hand, namely eye and head pins. They’re manufactured by gauge, cut to length: the eye pins with one loop end already formed, the head pins with a flattened head. I use round nose jewelry pliers to finish the second end in a loop.

  2. I’m fascinated. What are you using for the “string” jewelry wire? Do you want use a needle? Please show work in progress!

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