through the whole damned house…

I think the mantle display is as complete as it will be this year. I think…

Last night, I completed the shelves for the “upstairs” vignettes. Installation proved difficult hooks and pegs allowed the shelves to lean and pull away from the wall. Cleats were the way to go.

Fast forward through pre-drilling, and levelling, and stapling; allow me to walk you All Through the House:

At the front entry, holiday songs fill the air as Melody and Fletcher ring bells and play flute. Kenneth and little Katie sing along…

In the front room, Grandpa Joe reads stories while the children play with their Christmas day gifts, and family members gather at the dinner table as Aunt Martha serves a turkey as part of the day’s on-going feast. (I mean, look at all those kids, clearly they’re eating in shifts…)

Cousins climb and slide down the bannister, as Uncle John takes holiday portraits of the whole family in a makeshift studio upstairs.

Great Uncle Pete tickles the keys on the upright in the conservatory, with children gaily singing out Here Comes Santa Claus.

In the kitchen, Grandma rolls out cookies while little Madeline mixes up the next batch of dough. Numerous little helpers complete Christmas day tasks.

Back upstairs, Tess and Gilbert decorate a tree in the nursery to surprise the kiddies, as Anna pulls out more ornaments from the attic.

Out back, a recuperating Santa grabs a rest on the chimney, before returning home after a busy day. He gets a tickle watching Michael build a snowman outside the kitchen window.

Out past the yard, in a snow covered field, neighborhood children frolic and play…

And off beyond that field, on a high hilltop, Santa does that weird time-loop-space-warp bilocation thing he does and prepares for his busy night, even as he has already finished his day back up on the Bell family rooftop…

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