unicorns and glass walls

Be a unicorn:

The teal tree that started the unicorn tree last year really needs to be the bedroom tree, so I was on the market for a new unicorn. I’ve always had pink in mind, but the one that set that tone disappeared from the market.

Well, from the affordable market. The teal tree came from the At Home store, so I started there, looking for new “fashion” trees.

the candy cane pencil tree
from the at home store

That is when I found the “6′ Pre-Lit Candy Cane Christmas Tree with 70 LED Lights”… The lights are a mix of white and red. The tree is super-slim, which helps in our crowded tv room.

I don’t recall having seen an ombre tree before, and the blend on this one is truly enjoyable.

I was initially concerned about so much pink on a red and white tree, but it holds up. The hot pink button LED strands I added help a lot.

Candy, ice cream, and unicorns make a solidly sugary tree. I am ecstatic about this new tree.

We also picked up a FABRIKÖR display cabinet today, because not having enough display cabinets does not mean I have too much Wexford.


The dimensions of the double-size cabinet are perfect for the larger service pieces that have been tucked into various random drawers and stuffed under furniture…


This was a pretty good day.

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