in for a pound…

No more putzing. No more restlessness. No more waiting for 2020 to pass farther by…

adjustments to come and additional display shelves to figure out

I’m not quite ready to put up trees; still some big things to shuffle for the season.

So I started with the mantle. This is the second year for our expanded collection of Dept 56 All Through the House series

unpacking the pieces

Adding to last year, I made a mantle cover and covered the display shelves. I repurposed some old holiday tables cloths to do so.

The mix of patterns is something I always like to push in holiday decorating.

The three raised platforms are on turntables to display interior/exterior or room-to-room details of the clever double-sided set pieces in the series.

The remaining platform is mostly to extend the stage forward.

Remaining to do: redesign the back wall risers for the stair/banister and upper floor pieces.

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