end of harvest soup

I harvested delicate things prior to the snow: tomatoes and herbs, planning for a batch of end of harvest soup.

end of harvest green tomato sauce: we use it for the soup base. green to ripe tomatoes, garlic, onion, basil, oregano

As the green tomato base roasted in the oven, I headed into the snow to harvest some hardier veggies: bok choy, carrots, and kale. (We opted to save the kale for something else.)

Ground beef and Italian sausage, and then baby bella mushrooms, browned in bacon fat added chicken bone broth and veggie broth.

I sliced the carrots, Brussels sprouts, and bok choy stems, adding them to the broth base. I took an immersion blender to half of the roasted tomatoes, and added both pots to the soup.

I added some bok choy tops to the bowl before ladling in the soup. I took some risks since the last time I made it, but it was delicious!

One thought on “end of harvest soup

  1. I had never owned or used an immersion blender until my second hubby brought one to our relationship. But I loved his nickname for it, which I believe he stole from Emeril: the “boat motor,” LOL. I use it on tomatoes that I’ve cooked down into sauce, much as you did here. Sounds yummy!

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