…is the telltale “chink-a-clink” heard as you open the parcel of the hardest to find Wexford glassware.

The Wexford mug is not easy to find, so the rest of the parcel being intact was a beautiful experience.

Fortunately, the parcel was insured, but still…

5 thoughts on “sadness

  1. Shame on the seller for not caring enough to pack it properly or to even inquire about how to properly pack it! I’m sad and angry about this and it’s not even mine.

  2. I had that happen. I took pictures of the entire opening the package process to send to the seller. Thankfully, I ordered one of the two he had. He thanked me for the proof and shipped the second one more securely packaged at no charge.

  3. Man, that blows. Especially when it’s a rare or hard to find item. Glad it was insured, at least.

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