today’s topic: wexford!

It should surprise no one more than myself that my fastest route to self-care is our Wexford. Today, it surprised me at least a little bit.

“I’m quite aware of how ridiculous I am.”

Albert Goldman, Birdcage

Welcome to my ridiculousness. Well, this bit of it:

From the built-in hutch:

two-piece punchbowl, 64oz pitchers, cruets
salt & pepper shakers, three section relish dish, dinner plate
lazy susan, five section relish tray
this is not an official lazy susan: I’ve assembled it from various pieces, and I’m missing the nickel-plated spinner base

From the secretary/hutch:

all the colors…
ruby flash, and 24k gold rim
24k gold rim and “amber mist”
blue flash and “made in china” cobalt forgeries
pink flash and cranberry flashed rims
pewter mist flash
green flash and dark green forgery

From the bar (the shelf with lighting):

chrome and silverplate bands

3 thoughts on “today’s topic: wexford!

    1. I know that one, but as far as I’ve found, that’s the only post I’ve found. That’s why I’ve started my own separate blog just for Wexford.

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