the first fall harvest

My husband’s Southern farmboy-ness is finally rubbing off on me. While I have attempted cooking my own mustard greens before, this time was wholly successful.

chinese giant red mustard greens with bacon and caramelized onions in bacon fat, and sliced terra cotta tomato

The mustard greens are from our netted fall beds. While we nibbled out of it when I thinned the sproutlings, this is the first mature harvesting.

My husband makes amazing collard greens, but that is an elaborate to-do with a considerable time investment. That’s for a New Year’s open house.

I like mustard greens for their flavor and convenience. They have a reasonable prep/cook time. They are also the easiest and fastest brassicae to grow, at least out of the varieties we’ve grown to date.

Today was a beautiful example of my goal. I literally walked out to the garden, picked greens and tomatoes, and came in to process and cook.

There isn’t fresher than that…

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