uhura rounds them out!

At last, she is ours!

who doesn’t love lt. nyoto uhura?

Today was the second premiere for 2020 Hallmark Keepsake ornaments, which includes the Lieutenant Nyota Uhura storyteller, the fourth and final piece in this year’s Mirror, Mirror storyteller collection.

Somebody somewhere knows the power of this character, because she always seems to be a delayed release or a limited edition. We are still looking for the rare yellow uniform Uhura limited comicon release.

We picked up the Kirk and Sulu storytellers at the July premiere, and the Enterprise tree topper a few weeks later.

They are clever things, aware of the other storytellers near them…

Based on knowledge of the Mirror, Mirror storyline, and having watched the releases of Harry Potter storytellers, I suspect next year’s releases would include a Mr. Spock and Montgomery Scott storytellers to fill in the current story gaps…

Considering my husband is the real Trekkie, and I’m mostly his enabler, I find myself completely obsessed over these Star Trek storytellers.

One thought on “uhura rounds them out!

  1. As Nichelle said on the blooper reel, “If I have to open hailing frequencies one more time, I’m going to short circuit this god damned board!”
    Uhura has always been a captivating character, since the beginning. Her singing, her humor, and her vulnerability have made her a fan favorite.
    At one point, Gene Roddenberry was dating Nichelle and Majel at the same time. Nichelle bowed out, realizing that a mixed relationship was still going to attract unwanted attention.

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