and the weird little snowman…

So, this odd little snowman was display signage for the Dept. 56 series All Through the House, I had seen it on ebay (with the acrylic sign) exactly once during my searches to complete the series. I wasn’t compelled to include in it the set.

I suspect it wasn’t exactly part of the series; it was pictured on the overleaf of the mini-brochure included in the series packaging, but I don’t think it wasn’t sold like the series. It has no title printed on the bottom. It has no clever name. It was made to sell the rest.

So I found this one on ebay (without the acrylic sign) a couple weeks back. I still wasn’t compelled to get it.

Then I realized I could engrave my own acrylic message. At that point, I was compelled.

He is an odd little guy, similar to the snowman atrached to the outside of the living room piece, Down Through the Chimney, but a more lopsided mushy style than Michael Build a Snowman.

Below is a found image of the piece with the sign.

4 thoughts on “and the weird little snowman…

  1. I just discovered this blog/site. I’ve read several posts and it’s got to be some of the best stuff I’ve ever read! Thank you.

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