getting saucy

I made tomato sauce today. This was my first time ever blanching and peeling tomatoes. It might be an okay task…

san marzano with one black prince and two crossbred mystery yellows

Per usual, I started with a recipe, but more for steps and times the measurements. Two cloves of garlic? No, one whole head. I also added more carrots than listed, mostly since we’re growing our own, and they’re gorgeous!

purple and purple carrots,
fresh basil and oregano

After cooking down, I took an immersion blender to the veggie chunks. Delicious!

One thought on “getting saucy

  1. I was put onto something WAY better than blanching and peeling, an Italian tomato press by Rigamonti. 1.5 gallons of tomatoes peeled and seeded in 10 minutes. If you grate the veggies then you don’t need the blender 🙂

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