a thifty return…

Yesterday was not my first trip into a thift store since the pandemic, but it was the first time I didn’t dissuade myself from purchasing thrifted things while keeping away non-compliant shoppers.

Such a score!

Gilded-edge Wexford, previously unfound, must be going out of vogue because it’s starting to pop-up everywhere. The gilded trifle bowl showed up today from an ebay seller.

I’m watching a chip-n-dip set on ebay as well, but I found the one pictured above for half the cost and no shipping. Total score!

Additionally, I found the rarer of two different five-section relish trays. This one’s for Mom. Her big, glorious oval older-than-I-am tray got a chunk taken out of it. I hope it works as a substitute. (Mom, if you read this, acted surprised when you get it!)

See? That big center section is needed for stuffed celery, and those are flanked by olives. That’s how we roll at family gatherings.

The big thing of yesterday, however, was the iced tea glasses. Wexford iced tea glasses are easy to find. Online. In pairs. Twenty dollars. Plus eighteen dollars shipping. Sigh.

But Wexford iced teas glasses are what we use the most. After a couple losses, we had seven to work with. They don’t show up in thrift stores often. Yesterday, I found ten for less than two listed online.

I am okay with this!

6 thoughts on “a thifty return…

  1. There’s something sort of obscene about serving anything as plebeian as potato chips and dip in Wexford, LOL

    1. Except… Wexford is plebian. Initially affordable and mass produced for decades. It came out of a period when nearly everyone entertained, and made at a time when details went into all price points.

      every day fancy.

      1. I see your point. It’s an upgraded depression glass, LOL. Still, chips and dip in glassware seems over-the-top.

  2. We grew up with Colony Whitehall Gold Amber Footed Glasses for our everday glasses until mom replaced them with the wexford ones. I don’t know if she got them from green stamps or not.

    1. Way back when I first started gathering Wexford, I came across two amber cordials that I’ve never seen since. Of course, I was being some sort of clear-only-everything-needs-to-match kind of snob.

      I’m still experiencing intermittent regret about those…

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