today in the garden

Even in the heat, I got a small amount of work done this past weekend. The basil plants have spent months in their little plastic grow pots. They are leggy and sad, but I got most of them planted on Sunday.

Hopefully, they will recover and produce for the rest of summer. The delay was the daffodils and surprise lilies. They share space with the herbs and this years cool spring delayed the bulbs shedding of their foliage. I started by digging up the daffodils. I will move them out in front of our fence this fall. I’ll dig up the surprise lilies after they bloom.

This year was our first attempt at cucumbers. We’ve lost a solid half of the plants. All of the lemon cukes are gone. But the plants below are quite happy.

I still need to hang a vertical trellis off of the big arbor. Pretty soon, while I can still train them upward.

Both the Thai and habanero pepper plants are loaded, but they don’t seem in a hurry to ripen.

A few of our volunteer sunflowers have hit six foot in height.

More random images below:

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