you take the good, you take the bad…

…and there you have the facts of ‘maters.

today’s harvest (clockwise from right): san marzano (pico de gallo), terra cotta (the first off the vine), those purple ones, black prince

The Terra Cotta is promising: full healthy plants with large clusters of fruit, slow to ripen.

The Black Beauty had a great start, but the most mature fruit just rotted on the vine. The plant looks perfectly healthy.

rot on the black beauty, sad to find
healthy fruit still on the plant

The San Marzano are prolific, even if the lower leaves are dying off. They are a keeper for the garden. I also found a volunteer growing randomingly in the garden from last year’s crop. It’s lagging behind, but putting out the stuff.

I found numerous volunteers dotting about the garden. Some still unidentified.

an unknown volunteer (with the volunteer san marzano in the background)
the same volunteer. I want it to be a pink bradywine. that was a lovely tomato.

Last year, Brad’s Atomic Grape was difficult to sow and the fruit would split wide open with every moisture shift. But they are beautiful, and likely our only grape this year.

Oddly, the two Brad’s volunteers are drastically different. One is light and wispy but producing plenty of fruit. The other is bushy and leafed out with barely a blossom.

Finally, Black Prince has an amazing taste, possibly our favorite, but the plant fries out shortly after the summer heat peaks. Four out of four years. Next year, I’m planning a shade screen. I suspect our summer is too hot for the variety.

The amount of fruit the plants produce is impressive in a shortened life. I will find a way to make them happy in our garden.

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