today’s haul + flowers

After a heavy rain, I harvested the botched garlic crop (planted late) and hope to dry them some and replate this fall.

What we got right this year are beets and carrots. some are still growing to size, but they are gorgeous!

Additionally, the randomly scattered dill seeds (plus some volunteers from last year) were a huge success. the earliest blooms are now to seed.

The hot pepper plants are growing huge and pushing out blooms and fruit.

Bonus: this week in flowers.

The pale yellow variety is always the finale of the daylily beds.

One last gladiolus draps across its bloomed out kin, surrounded by bee balm going to seed.

The phlox has been moved so often, I’m happy to even still have it. We picked about a bunch of volunteers in their old location, so we should be able to fill them out in a couple years.

Lastly, we get volunteer sunflowers all about the garden. Curiously, those in full sun grow into massive tree-like monsters with adorable little sunflowers on each branch. In the shade, the same seeds produce smaller traditional single bloom sunflowers.

The portulaca along the arbor pathway are thriving from today’s big rain. The sun was out when I arrived home from work, and the colorful blooms were full and plentiful.

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