christmas in july


Hallmark’s Keepsake Ornament Premiere is today. I was at the Crown Store as the doors opened.

complimentary tote bag with any Keepsake purchase

The Star Trek collection gets its first storyteller ornaments. I knew of storytellers but barely understand them as we only have the Star Trek ornaments.

First, the storyteller ornaments run on a power cord instead of batteries (which I wish all magic Keepsakes did). The power cord was half off with the purchase of a Magic Keepsake.

The storytellers interact with each other. In this instance, they also interact with the USS Enterprise tree topper (which is a substantially higher price point and not yet ours).

The Uhura storyteller is available in October, so there are holes in the story currently. It seems the Captain Kirk hosts the sounds of the ship without the tree topper (which provide the ship sound effects in the promotional video (click on the play button below the image in the link).

It seems odd to me to make Mirror Universe storytellers that represent one episode of the original series instead of the crew that carries the entire franchise. That said, the styling is gorgeous, and the Mirror, Mirror clothing does let these ornaments stand out amoung the existing character ornaments from the past two+ decades.

Uhura is on our wishlist, and it’s time to set aside some money for the tree topper. ST:TCT is boldly going into a storyteller future.

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