goldfinch snobs

Our goldfinches are snobs.

Three black oil sunflower feeders, one seedlog feeder, two suet feeders, and a nyger feeder… our goldfinches will only eat from one, the nyger feeder, and only in the winter time.

Now, take those black oil sunflower seeds and scatter them about as sparrows and other finches eat. Let thise seeds sprout and grow inti sunflowers. Wait for those sunflowers to get pollinated and go to seed. Then, and only then, will our goldfinches eat black oil sunflower seeds.

We have them visiting all summer, though, eating the seeds directly out of some native wildflowers, including the coreopsis in the video above.

Three years now, with unchanging behavior. I no longer take offense, but I do find it amusing.

Such snobs!

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