mutant daylily?

I think we have our own crossbred hybrid daylily in the garden.

Our daylilies are a mix of various short squat hybrids and the typical tall slender orange ‘ditch lily’. Most of our hybrids are deep burgundy, with a few yellow or peach mixed in. Prior to this morning, none of our hybrids were orange…

The flower stem and leaves are broader and shorter than our typical orange daylilies. The color striations are bolder, and some stamen have incomplete petals attached, like it wants to be a double. (we do have double/triple daylilies, but they bloom last out of the daylilies.

It has only one flower stem and a modest leaf cluster at the base. This supports the idea that it’s new. Each year, we have a small handful of seed pods develop from the daylilies. It’s exciting to think we’re cross-breeding daylilies incidentally. We’ve already grown crossbred tomatoes…

Here’s some of the red daylilies currently in bloom:

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