closing the gaps, addressing the gates

The dropped temperature offered a great day to continue working on the fence. I space a good chunk of the afternoon closing up some gaps.

the arbor gate, front and center

The gates were left for last because I was unsure how the materials of the fence would fit together on top of the gate.

I had to use a thicker board to frame the lattice in order to cover the mechanics of the frame and to have enough surface to nail/staple everything together.

the far double gate, with the difficult slope

I’m pleased with the result: the gates get to be gates and the fence gets to be a fence, but they play well with each other.

The double gate over the driveway is the biggest piece left. Plus some finishing trim on the inside…

I plan to back the lattice panel of the driveway gate with cedar planks to create more privacy for what will become our patio space.

One more cool day and I could wrap up the entire project…

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