approaching summer in the garden:

Today was the first real break from 90+ degrees. An afternoon rainstorm removed my need to water, so I took the day off from work, and spent some time snapping shots.

The daylilies are showing themselves even while recovering from a move:

Habanero and Thai chili plants are filling with tiny green fruit:

The beebalm bed is full of color, with gladiolus and crocosmia joining the mix:

Little green tomatoes are scattered about and buds are everywhere, but the San Marzanos win the where-the-hell-did-all-those-come-from award:

The other veggies:

“green wave” mustard and “purple lady” bok choy
“green wave” mustard and “beni houshi” mizuka
“oriole orange” swiss chard
“early wonder” beets
“cosmic purple”, “amarillo” and “pusa asita black” carrots. they are not ready, but I took a peak to check in on size

The other showy bits:

tom’s lilies

One thought on “approaching summer in the garden:

  1. What you’ve been able to create this year is truly impressive. My first hubby would be envious!

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