day 42: so close to busting out

So many things are ready to explode in our garden. Some things are underway…

The columbine is full bore, second or third generation.

this was the first to bloom, currently about midway to seed…
the first round of creeping phlox has morphed from one quart plants to a solid mass in three years

So many buds are setting to burst, I suspect they are waiting for me to return to work before they show off…

the irises from my father-in-law have filled out since planting back in our first year, many flower spikes jutting up, preparing for display
even last year’s transplants from Tom’s garden are ready to burst
last year’s green onions are blooming, and the bees are already drawing near
the blossoms on Tom’s lilac are maturing, perhaps a bit stunted since it is still waiting for its in-ground home.
the walking onions are about tolight up the crazy
peonies setting blooms: we have buds on both sides of the walk this year for the first time, although this side is well ahead of the other

The hostas are digging the north side shade, having already forced the coral bells and most of the columbine out into other beds.

the dianthus are setting buds, to spite needing attention and perhaps a new home with less competition
german thyme grows though coreopsis and bloomed out daffodils

Even our weeds are gorgeous…

One thought on “day 42: so close to busting out

  1. Fantastic array! I didn’t realize onions gone to seed could be a thing of beauty!



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