day 38: stepping up the terracing

Today, I ignored the lingering day lilies and started building up the retaining stones on the old bed, eager to get some new plants in the ground.

I got as far as possible. I ran out of the capstones and the hardscape adhesive. The latter would be easy enough to order for delivery, the former not so much.

In the lowest step, I transplanted a sage plant that was obscured by a massive lemon balm, as well as two sweet marjoram. I added two Thai pepper plants and a tricolor sage.

In the second step, I moved a large English thyme, a Greek oregano, and another sage plant that broke into three as I dug it up. I added two Hot Paper Lantern peppers.

I’m excited about this change, having decided on a more manicured look near the house, saving the overgrown swaths of flowers for the lower lot.

This also allows us to get more food growing closer to the house…

Oh, yeah, yesterday it looked like this:

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