day 31: plowing forward

The long-range forecast suggests the freezing weather has past us, so into the ground things goes…

Yesterday, I ventured out to a local nursery whose website listed the actions they were taking to keep customers and themselves safe. While some customers wandered obliviously about, the employees were aware and cautious and monitoring headcount in the facility.

peppers and herbs from Larry’s Nursery.

Larry’s Nursery in Riverside is becoming my favorite starter source.

This morning, working around light showers, I finally sowed raised bed no. 5 (to be clear, raised beds nos. 1 and 2 aren’t planted yet).

our fifth raised bed, sown with red and green mustard, purple bok choy, pink mizuna, pink celery, and purple kohlrabi

After the rain passed, I returned to the garden to get some tomato starts in raised bed no. 1.

my from-seed starters need more time, but bought starters of san marzano, black prince, and cherokee purple to get the maters going

To finished the day, I shuffled some things around in the lower bed adjacent to the squash arbor.

daylilies were shuffled to provide a spot with afternoon shade for nasturtium, and clear a spot for more cucumbers to grow up the squash arbor (once I add more lattice)

And here’s the remains of a robin’s egg:

robins have been busy picking at worms and nesting materials from our garden for over a month. while I have no idea were the nest is, I shouldn’t be surprised to find it.

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