day 25: so very almost

After a few days inside due to rain and cold, I renewed efforts in the far corner of the lot. So close now.

The objective is to relocate all the flowers from the back most raised bed, to utilize it for vegetables instead. Four Asiatic lilies remain to be relocated.

I moved forward on the gravel and broken brick pathways, and the rock/debris border. I transplanted spiderwort from up near the house and moved many Asiatic and blackberry lilies into place.

I’m quite happy with the broken brick pathway. It has a great look and uses up the heap or broken bricks we have piled in the lot.

2 thoughts on “day 25: so very almost

  1. Im lovin it! I really think i need to somehow triple my vegetable garden. If i was up there i could! Takes time, creativity, love and learning. Keep on going!

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