going on into week 3:

I’ve found a surprising amount of peace as we stay-at-home, spending most days out in the garden.

I had a pallet of topsoil, mulch, and stone dropped in the lot yesterday, so I could move forward with the plan to expand the garden and grow as much food as possible this year.

part of the delivery: mulch, topsoil, and pea gravel.
radishes are breaking ground: a spring mix, wasabi, and watermelon. the blank strips to the right are bullseye beets: red and white, red and red. the big gap left of center are carrots: yellow, purple, and black. the carrots and beets are just starting to break through.

With topsoil now on site, I planted the containers on the wall with vines to grow up and over the new arbor, adding a good amount of our homemade compost. Eventually, I have to find bigger containers, but these were deliverable and on current budget.

containers planted with Romanesco zucchini, a neat little white summer squah, and two types of watermelon. I’m thinking to add lattice to the east side and sow some pickling cucumbers down below…

Some mulching started as well, with much more happening soon. In the side yard near the house, I’ve taken to altering between brown pine mulch and pea gravel to visual push out the terracing levels. I’m quite taken with the result.

red bulb onions sown beneath the bird bath, with fresh mulch. just to the left are green onions mixed with drumstick alium (decorative).
the gravel patch below the onions is newly sown with dill, a big glorious variety. tiny little volunteers from past plants are dotted about the area.
the herbs purchase just prior to the stay-at-home order: rosemary, lavender, and Italian oregano. just left of center is a returning oregano of a forgotten variety. lemon cucumbers are sown in front of each trellis. a few volunteer coreopsis hang out to the front of the bed while I determine their new home…
today, I hope to move a few daylilies to allow for cucumbers to grow up the arbor. I’m enjoying the mix of hardscape textures we’re building up, especially when the rock borders include busted old concrete and bricks/pavers dug out of the adjacent lot. zero waste landscapes…?

Also, the perrenials are waking up. The Asiatic lilies are popping up and filling out everywhere, including the brand new ones that I’ll need to move already to make better space for food…

and your bonus shot: coreopsis and asiatic lilies fill out the median strip between herbs and onions…

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